our history

Mike Grace founded APCOM, an acronym for Appliance Components, on March 1, 1969. APCOM started in a 10,000 sq. ft. building and now has three locations in the United States as well as facilities in Mexico, China and India. The various international locations focus on local markets and best practices are leveraged between all facilities.

The Franklin, Tennessee plant manufactures electric thermostats, pipe nipples, dip tubes, elements and burner assemblies. Additionally, the Franklin facility manages and fulfills replacement parts for manufacturers and the aftermarket.

In 1982, APCOM purchased Volunteer Tool & Die, Inc., located in Cookeville, Tennessee. The Cookeville facility manufactures threaded tank fittings “spuds,” pipe nipples, and gas burner assemblies and also stamps a wide variety of parts.

The Protective Coatings Group (PCD) is located in Florence, Kentucky. Featuring manufacturing equipment designed with the latest technology available, PCD manufactures custom porcelain enamel coatings to meet the needs of its worldwide customer base and has been in the current location since 1984. The protective coatings group was added to the APCOM portfolio of products in 2002.

All of the North American APCOM facilities are ISO-9001 and CTPAT certified to ensure the quality and security of its products and services.

Over the years, APCOM has prided itself on being on the leading edge of technology. APCOM enjoys the reputation of being an excellent place to work. Over 80% of our employees have been with us for 5 years or longer, and over 40% have been here over 20 years. The long-term experience and expertise of our employees provides APCOM the necessary resources and commitment to manufacture innovative products with world-class quality.

APCOM has an impressive history which has allowed us to celebrate our 45th year in business in 2014. APCOM’s long-term success is due to our vision and strategy for the future. We continually strive to exceed our customers’ needs and provide excellent products and services. APCOM’s employees have a sense of ownership and a “can do” attitude that fosters a teamwork atmosphere that will ensure the long-term success of our business.