injection molding

APCOM has complete mold design, mold maintenance, and mold building capabilities allowing us to expedite a project from design through production. Our plastic injection molding presses range from 150 tons to 300 tons in horizontal and vertical configurations. We have the ability to mold polymers such as nylon, polyethylene (PEX), polypropylene, and polysulfone along with several different kinds of thermoplastics for parts that vary from terminal blocks to drain valves. This ability gives you flexibility in component design and helps get your products to market quickly.

Our quality and service heritage helps provide assurance that your components will be on time and perform the way you expect. APCOM’s comprehensive capabilities mean we have total in-house control over your product’s engineering and quality, giving you extra assurance for on-time delivery. And our process-oriented specialists work with your engineers to make sure that any part we design can be seamlessly integrated into your current production systems.