Accurate, Reliable, Superior Sensitivity and Control

Engineered to be more sensitive and accurate than conventional thermostats, APCOM water heater thermostats are the most popular in the industry. Our patented design encapsulates the bimetallic thermostat disc (sensor), protecting it from the temperature changes of other components. This feature means you get a thermostat with enhanced temperature sensitivity for accurate, reliable system control.

We've also designed our thermostats to be remarkably easy to install. For solid wire connections, our wiring terminals feature "tear drop" holes that enter into the bind head screw terminal, making it easier to lock the wire into place. This speeds the assembly process, and helps ensure that secure connections are made properly. Some models are available with modified terminals for spade connector or wiring harness connections. In addition, our limit control/safety override feature automatically trips and will not automatically reset at its specified setpoint, even if the reset button is held in the reset position (trip-free).

APCOM thermostats are designed for most residential and commercial water heater applications. APCOM thermostats come in the following types:

  • Single-pole, single-throw, automatically resetting, with and without high limit
  • Single-pole, double-throw, automatically resetting, with high limit

APCOM thermostats have 40°F operating temperature ranges (minimum to maximum setpoints) with maximum temperature setpoints from 140°F to 180°F. Some models have temperature-marked dials and others have dials marked with nomenclature such as LO – MED – HI. APCOM thermostats have the following listed electrical ratings: 30A @ 120V – 250V; 22A @ 277V; 12.5A @ 480V – 600V; 125VA pilot duty @ 120V – 480V.

APCOM high limits are double-pole, single-throw, manually resetting, with setpoints from 170°F to 200°F. Typical single heating element and double heating element wiring configurations can be found below. APCOM high limits have the following listed electrical ratings: 40A @ 120V – 277V; 25A @ 480V – 600V; 125VA pilot duty @ 120V – 480V.

All of our thermostats comply with NEMA standards and are listed as recognized components by Underwriters Laboratories (File #E47244) and Canadian Standards Association (File #057161_0_000).

Wiring Configurations

pdf download Download Single Element Wiring Diagram

pdf download Download 2 Element Heater Wiring Diagram

  • Patented design positions bimetal sensor for superior temperature sensitivity
  • Wiring terminals ensure positive connection
  • High limit feature provides improved safety
  • For commercial and residential applications
  • UL and CSA approved