heating elements

Longer Life, Increased Performance, Easy Installation

APCOM produces millions of tubular style heating elements for residential water heaters and commercial and spa heater applications in hundreds of different configurations. We manufacture elements in .312” diameter (8mm) in a variety of different sheath materials. Common mounting flanges available are 1” NPSM screw-in, 1.5” NPSM screw-in, and bolt-on. Our engineering staff can help identify a heating element configuration for your application or develop a custom design, if needed.

Innovative Solutions

As a solution to specific OEM problems, APCOM developed a patented ripple-design element which overcame the limitations of 14-inch tank diameter. This design provided more surface area for smaller diameter tanks for lower sheath watt performance and longer element life in severe water conditions. We have also developed a patented dual wattage heating element, with two rods in a single flange. These elements provide normal 3800 watt operation, but can also provide 5500 watt performance. For the OEM, this design eliminated the need to stock two water heaters for different wattages. Design voltage is available up to 600 volts and wattages are available up to 9000 watts in a single tube and 18,000 watts in a three tube configuration. The heating elements are certified as recognized components by Underwriters Laboratories (File No. UBJY2.E76637 and File No. UBJY8.E76637) and Canadian Standards Association Association (File No. 35868_0_000).

  • Threaded and bolt-on styles for easy installation
  • Custom designs available
  • Designed for long life
  • UL and CSA certified