specification sheets

For your convenience, we have provided some of our more frequently requested specification sheets.

TitleDocument No.
Valve, Drain 026273-SLS
Assembly, Drain Valve II 042037-SLS
Assembly, Child Resist Valve 700527-SLS
Thermostat, WH9 183532
Thermostat, WH9WL6180 183533
Thermostat, WH10AWL6180 183534
Thermostat, WL6 L180 325327
Thermostat, WL6 L190 700155
Thermostat, WH9C 700577
Thermostat, WH9CWL6200 700583
Thermostat, WH10CWL6200 700588
Thermostat, L WH9 700806
Thermostat, WH9WL6170 700807
Thermostat, WH10A WL6170 700808
Thermostat, L WH9C 700809
Thermostat, WH9CWL6190 700810
Thermostat, WH10C WL6190 700811
Thermostat, WL6 L200 701110