drain valves

APCOM produces and supplies drain valves in composite and brass material. An advantage of using composite (glass filled polymer) material for a drain valve is that, unlike brass, it doesn’t deplete the system anode. It provides the same levels of performance without creating an additional system stress. Composite construction is also very cost-effective, while maintaining the strength and flexibility in system design necessary for water heater applications.

The APCOM composite drain valve is a 3/4” NPT threaded valve that is made of 35% glass filled 6/6 nylon and is produced in shank lengths from 7/8” up to 3-1/2”.

APCOM also offers brass drain valves and lead-free versions as well. Brass drain valves are produced in shank lengths of 1-1/4” to 3”. The outlet of the valves is a standard hose bib thread.

  • Quality and value
  • High performance
  • Easy connections
  • Composite material will not deplete anode system
  • Custom designs available