APCOM is very vertically integrated compared to most manufacturing companies today. We manufacture materials and components that are critical to the performance and quality of our final products. We understand product design, production processes, quality and value. Innovation, performance, and service define our operations. Our manufacturing capabilities include molding, insert molding, metal tube forming, stamping, cold forming, and extrusion.

In 1985, APCOM became a certified Class A MRP II manufacturing facility, one of the first in the United States. In January 1999, APCOM became ISO 9001 registered. ISO 9000 represents a set of international standards for quality processes and systems. ISO 9001 is the most stringent of all the ISO 9000 standards.

Today, APCOM continues to employ a talented team of manufacturing engineers and toolmakers that allow us to design and build unique and proprietary machines and processes in-house. It’s this automation that has allowed us to more than double our daily production while keeping employee levels nearly the same, increasing quality and reducing costs to our customers.