Recirculation Systems

APCOM® recirculation systems are the most energy efficient circulators available in the market today.  The operating costs are minimal and vary from $2 to $8 per year for the largest system.  Depending upon local utility rates, the systems pay for themselves within one to three years.  Each system is fully automatic and controlled by built-in sensors and switches.  When the water at the faucet cools down, the sensor turns on the pump.  The pump shuts off when the hot water arrives.  Depending upon the length and size of the pump, the pump will run three to four times per hour for one to two minutes to maintain instant hot water at the faucet.

Pump Models

APCOM® Undersink Instant Hot Water System (Model UT1, Kit 100306289)

ACPOM® Instant Hot Water System (Model FT1, Kit 100306288)

APCOM® Hot Water Recirculation System (Model RT1, Kit 100306290)

APCOM® Hot Water Recirculation System-3 Speed (Model RG3, Kit 100306341)


Also available:

APCOM® Replacement Bypass Valve (Model BPV, Kit 100306591)
For use with pump model FT1.


To learn more about each pump and view installation videos, click here.


  • Easy Installation
  • Stainless Steel Pumps
  • Energy Efficient
  • Maintenance Free
  • All Accessories and Fittings Included